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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of comic books are you buying?
    We are currently buying CGC Graded comics and ungraded collections that are worth $50 or more. Typically we are most interested in comics from before 1977, but there are more recent comics we definitely want to buy as well.
  • How much do you pay?
    That really is the most important question a seller can ask and for very understandable reasons. No one should ever have to sell their comics for pennies on the dollar, but unfortunately that is what many dealers offer. Not us. We generally pay 70-90% of what graded comics are worth and we pay it in cash. We want to make a profit, but we are extremely fair.
  • What is CGC?
    CGC stands for Certified Guarantee Company and over the past several years they have established themselves as the leaders in comic book grading and certification.
  • Do you only buy graded comics?
    No, we buy plenty of ungraded comics, but we have found that buying CGC graded books removes a lot of the guess work involved when making you our best possible offer. For example, if you have an X-Men #1 that isn't graded we really need to physically see the comic in order to make an offer. If it was graded by CGC we can make an offer in seconds.
  • Do you only pay in cash?
    It is kind of "our thing" but no, we are happy to pay you in any way that you prefer including business check, certified funds, or via bank wire.
  • Will you actually send me cash for my comic books?
    The simple answer is YES! If you wish to be paid in physical cash, that is what we will send you. We utilize a number of insured, safe and secure methods to deliver real cash to your home or business.
  • How do I know that you have the money to pay me?
    This is a very real concern that has plagued the collectibles industry for years. Many dealers are simply underfunded and in some unfortunate cases unscrupulous. We opened a small sports card store in 1991 and through hard work and sacrifice have turned it into a multi-million dollar business. We have an excellent relationship with our bank and can provide flawless references from many large manufacturers that we deal with on a regular basis. When you sell to us, you can do so with complete confidence that you will be paid.
  • I have some nice comics to sell, but I am thinking about trying one of the big auction places. Why should I sell to you instead?"
    That's a great question and the answer is different for everyone. The auction houses often get top dollar for certain comics, especially the truly rare ultra-high grade books. If you have an Action Comics #1 in nice shape, it's probably the best way to go. However, it's important to remember that in some cases you won't see your money for months, and there are usually sellers fees involved. Plus, the big auction houses probably won't want everything you have to sell. They will take your Avengers #1 in a CGC 9.0, but won't take the Avengers #9 in a 7.0. When you deal with us, we will make you our best offer, buy your entire collection, pay you immediately, and pay you in cash. It is up to you what avenue of sale you prefer.
  • Do you take comics on consignment?
    We don't. It seems like everywhere we look comic websites seem to want to get your best books on consignment. I'm sure many of these companies are terrific, but when we hear someone say, "I'll take it on consignment," we translate that to, "I don't have the money to buy that, so I will try and sell it for you." Frankly, we don't understand why anyone would give their comics to someone on consignment when they can get paid right away. You might get a little more money or your items may not sell for weeks, months, or at all. You are also taking the risk that the company you have trusted your best comics to will go out of business or even possibly misplace your books. Seems like a lot of risk for little reward. Once again, we have the funds to pay you immediately, at fair prices, and in cash if you prefer it.
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