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  • Will Mason

A Mythological Purchase

I recently had a customer reach out with an amazing selection of graded key issues but these two issues belong in the pantheon of first appearances. First we have An All-Star Comic #8 CGC 3.5 (OW) featuring the 1st appearance of one of DC Comics most prominent heroes, Wonder Woman! Debuting in late 1941, the princess of the Amazons would go on to become a member of DC Comics trinity of heroes along with Batman & Superman.

For the next we piece, we travel to the realm of the Norse gods, to find the son of Odin himself, the Mighty Thor! This beautiful Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 7.0 not only has white pages but no chipping either, making it a highly sought after copy. Thor would go on to become a founding member of Marvel's premiere super hero team, The Avengers, as well as introduce many characters who have played prominent roles themselves including his god of mischief brother Loki, as well as his love interest / hero herself, Jane Foster.

These pieces are just a small sample of the key issues we are looking to buy. If you have key issues, as well as entire collections you are interested in selling, fell free to contact us directly via e-mail at or by phone at 1-888-440-9787 ext. 117, and we'd be happy to discuss your collection with you.

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