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Great Buys from The Great Lakes!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend The Great Lakes Comic Con, which was actually the 10 year anniversary of the convention! If you're not familiar with this convention, it is located in Warren, Michigan which is just a short drive outside of Detroit.

At this convention I was able to walk around, speak to other vendors and personal collectors while also picking up some cool buys of my own which you can see below!

I had a few comic leads going into the area as well, which included a few raw collections and 2 Bigger deals but all graded amazing comic Books! This is just a small highlight of what I was able to pick up over the weekend. You can look for these comics on our website very soon. Our Comic Team will be at C2E2 Chicago coming up this week so if your in the area and would rather see these books in person just stop on by!


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